How To Buy A Computer

Buy a computer: Here is a guide to buying your cheap computer

Many of us have looked at the newspaper ads, magazines, television ads and have yearned to buy a computer system we saw there, but did not know where to start looking or what to buy. We did not have a clue what to buy. There are so many makes and models, and then there are the laptops. But should you buy a computer? Should you build your own cheap computer? You might think that buying a computer is a breeze, but it’s not. A lot of thought has to be given to what you will be using the computer for and what you will need in the system to do your work. This page will seek to guide you in the right direction. First, lets look at what you will be using the computer for. <ul> <li>Will you be using it for just typing and checking e-mail or Browsing the Internet?</li> <li>Will you use it for playing music and playing games?</li> <li>Will you use the computer for graphics design or Art?</li> <li>What about high end gaming?</li> <li>Will you use it for building a web site like this one?</li> </ul> These are just a few of the uses for the computer. If we use the computer for gaming or graphics or other heavy uses , then we will need to make sure that the hardware of the Unit will be able to handle the work load that will be applied to the system. The reason we do this, is to to determine what is needed in the computer in terms of R.A.M.(random access memory) and processor speed. When we know this then we will be able to select a motherboard that will suite our needs. Of course this all hinges on the amount of money that is available for the unit. What this means is that the budget must first be determined. Most smaller stores try to mislead buyers by using jargon they don’t understand, This is dishonest and you should look out for this. If you don’t understand what the sales person is saying or referring to, stop them and demand a proper explanation. (of course nicely). ensure that you understand what you are buying, and always remember that sales persons and the stores that they represent are there to make money,as much as they can. If you are fairly well acquainted with the computer or have gone through this site in some detail, then you will be confident enough to make a purchase from any store I hope that I have been able to guide you in the right direction, if all else fail then you can build your own using the guide provided on this site. Good luck on your purchase and enjoy your new computer. <h2>Introduction to computer basics and cheap computers </h2> Cheap computers? Computer basics? Why build your own Computer? Why not? It’s enjoyable, fun, challenging and fulfilling. More than that it teaches you all that there is to know in putting a computer together so when you need to trouble shoot it becomes quite easy. You also get a computer built to meet your requirements. You probably have wondered what’s inside the case of a Cheap computer or maybe you have been wanting to open the case but was apprehensive to do so?. Is it fear of not knowing what to do or fear of the unknown?…or maybe a little of both?. Well I have been there and I know what you are going through.Have no fear, because I am going to take you on an enjoyable journey into building your own computer step by step. LCD First you will learn computer basics and the components that go into the case that makes up the computer.You will learn the following: • What is hardware? • What is software? • How to select Components, • How to choose the Mother Board, • How to buy memory • Introduction to the Power Supply. • How to build your own PC, and so on… Everything you ever wanted to know about a computer. So lets start by looking at the parts or components you will need. Make sure to click on the “Components” button on the left hand side of the screen. This will list all the parts we will need for our PC.You can also print this list and take it with you when you go shopping for your new PC. Before we go on Please take some time and read about Computer safety and static electricity Now that we have an idea of what we will need for our computer, we can move on and get a little more details on the parts that we will be purchasing. Static Electricity: Prevent your computer from ESD damage. Should you be concerned about Static Electricity?

What is Static Electricity?

This is an electric charge generated by the body. It is know technically as (ESD) or Electro Magnetic Discharge. This is when the electricity from the body is transferred to something or somebody else. Electronic parts use very minute amounts of electricity, hence the reason why (ESD) is so damaging to these parts. ESD is no joke. All of your Computers components are sensitive to static charges. It is very important that you ground yourself by touching the frame of the case periodically throughout the installation process. It only takes a second, so do it often.

Antistatic Wrist Band

You can also purchase a wrist strap to discharge this static current. Remember to ground yourself before you remove all parts from their protective anti-static bags. Handling parts badly can cause damage to parts making them useless and leaving you a few dollars short. Leave all parts in their anti-static bags until ready for use. Check out these online traffic school reviews for more info.

Affiliate Marketing Basics

Affiliate marketing basics are here so see this video and know that perfectly.